The Research Circle on Empirical Evolution




The Research Circle has been founded in 1952 and since then works without any interruption.It was six years ago that the Circle published its first expert treatise.


To name only last years output, more than two million readers learned about our numerous publications on science, the humanities and other expert ranges. Thus the Research Circle became one of the best known and most read groups among the German speaking countries.


Adding to that, our community offers free as well as closed lectures on the developments in science and the humanities in comparison to ethics and philosophy.

Meanwhile our expertise is well acclaimed at conferences, i.e. at medical congresses both national and international, where - among others - lectures on medical and philosophical issues are given.


The Research Circle on Empirical Evolution consents in being a community that tends to no confession, having members belonging to various religious or philosophical beliefs and we do not accept any racial or sexual limitations. We are aiming at verifying an accordance in the contents of actual scientific findings in science and the humanities, founded on internationally accepted philosophical systems. Hence the resulting knowledge will be published in an understandable language by specialized periodicals and print media, especially medical journals and online publications.


During past epochs, the ancient past as well as in the eighteenth century, you may find that knowledge was sought rather by holistic studies then by deviding the objects of research in separated fields of research like today.

And then these cognitions formed those singular philosophical and ethical teachings wherein truth could be found.


Truth is to be found if knowledge meets an „eternal prove“, which means, that even newly acquired deeper knowledge has to confirm initial facts again and again.


Truth is unchangeable, it is original, elementary - therefore: true!


Knowledge is created by truth. Systematic research in knowledge is a discipline called

„creating knowledge“ („Wissen schaffen“ in German) which became the term „Wissenschaft“, which means science as well as the humanities.


But if we look at things nowaday, we may find that religion and science as deep sources of truth are opposing each other without the slightest mutual acceptance.


Thus a deep crevice has opened in the soul of society since religious beliefs lost their values and were no longer able to sustain their dogma; and since science totally quit the psychological and the spiritual worlds and followed utter materialistic ways of research.


Today philosophy stands without any guiding and power between them booth, has given up its rights and rightfully fears for its justification and existence.


In short: This is the time to turn back to the roots of an initial and integral scientific approach and to examine all the domains of physics, chemistry, cosmology, astrology, nano-research and the findings of quantum theory a.s.f. for existing conformities.


The inner rules in all philosophy throughout the world declare a holistic approach to be the single way to obtaining answers that might help getting a clear perception of our world.


The Research Circle on Empirical Evolution is holding this focus since 1952. Thus one examines all findings for accordances by scientific methods on the basis of ancient philosophies, sciences and religions. The results in the making are to be published in a transparent and understandable manner to all interested persons.


The Research Circle, a community free of dogmatics and covering all religious beliefs, is therefore neutral about confessions and understands its task in finding fact-proven answers in the sciences, in all religious beliefs as well as in philosophical systems worldwide, which might be directly used and put to test. It is financed by supporting members and donations which are not asked for and it basically functions without any costs.

It doesn‘t belong to any organization and is in itself no organization. So it provides no statutes and covers no financial interests whatsoever.


The Research Circle is dedicated most deeply and strongly to the free will of any single person, to decide at any given time for oneself, how to deal with the knowledge one has acquired by working with this community.








Historical Sources


Several ancient teachings of different cultural ranges and periods are to be compared with more recent texts, those of the past and the different domains of today‘s sciences. The principles following this research might show ways for everybody to enhance ones understanding, ones personal development and ones own truth as to widen ones insight in science and the humanities as well as an insight in physical life.

This has been proved by many a friend of the Research Circle since 1952.

Among the main ancient teachings used as a basic foundation for the work of the Research Circle are:



the Indian Philosophy of the                                               Mahabharata


with its core song to Deity, the                                           Bhagavad Gita, Uttara Gita

the teachings of Patanjali, his                                            Yoga Sutra


the Zoroastrian teaching in the Holy

Book of the Parsees, the                                                    Avesta


the Pali discourses of prince Siddharta,

known to us as Buddha                                                     Discourses of Gautama Buddha


the Jewish sources                                                             Thorah, Sohar, Kabbalah


the early Christian teachings

from                                                                                 Gnosis

to the                                                                               Bible

up to the findings of Origenes                                             De Principiis


and the Egyptian teachings of RA                                        The Book Thoht





The teachings and philosophies


of Theosophy and its developping way of thinking

of I Am-Activity

of Baileys School of the Arcane

and of the



and the teachings which derived from these groupings - to name just some of the many outstanding sources.


Divergences and resonances in actual scientific disciplines, the findings in modern researches into physics, chemistry and most of all into chaos and quantum theories as well as into nano technology are to be compared to traditional wisdom in ancient philosophy to examine those scientific truths in the knowledge of the past and modern sciences.


This search for a conceivable scientific truth by a modern technical perspective is the task of the Research Circle.


The goode, from which the concept for the highest ethical and energetical principle - God - derived, is the positive force in everything. This is to be explored.


As ideas ultimately result from various parts of different ancient teachings, and are to be seen in its entirety, the Research Circle examines all religious beliefs for the natural laws of the universe, which - as far as they represent truths - are to be found in all religious beliefs likewise.


The Research Circle as an open minded scientific community is no organization. We are most deeply dedicated to the free will of everybody to decide, how to go on with experiences one has acquired either in our community or by oneself and whether one wants to go more deeply into it or not.


The Research Circle is free of dogma and confessions and it deals with all religious beliefs equally, free from sectarianism and its tendencies. It functions on a scientifically verifiable foundation.


It helps interested and openminded people as well as active searchers in all religious beliefs in their own way to find their scientific, religious and individual manner, based on the obvious conformity of the evolution with the laws of Nature.